Our Greatest Adventure Yet

schnicks 59Many of our friends and family know about what we’ve been through over the last year, and many of you have been so supportive as we’ve been faced with many hard decisions regarding growing our family. We have been so thankful for the people in our lives, and want to express our deepest gratitude to our friends and family who have been part of our journey.

We have an update for all of you that we couldn’t be more excited to share. God has been answering our prayers differently than we expected him to. At this time we are opting not to invest tens of thousands of dollars into medical procedures attempting to have a biological child. Instead, we have made the decision to invest in adopting a child in extreme poverty from Guinea, Africa, bringing them into our forever family.

This will be a long process, and one we are currently navigating and investing a lot of time and resources into. We have already personally invested over $9,000 into the process and it is only the beginning. There are a lot of unknowns, especially from a financial standpoint. We know that God provides, and we are willing to make sacrifices. But we do want to give our friends and family an opportunity to play a part in changing the life of a little one from Guinea, Africa, if this is a cause you want to support.

The concept is simple. We have ordered a custom puzzle of a map of the city of Fort Collins that has 500 pieces. You can “sponsor” a puzzle piece by making a donation of $20 towards our adoption costs. (You can sponsor multiple pieces if you choose to do so). As each person sponsors a puzzle piece, your name will be written on the back of that piece. We will be putting this puzzle together in a clear double-sided frame to hang in the childs room, to show how many people love them and were willing to help bring them home to Fort Collins, Colorado. Would you consider partnering with us by sponsoring a puzzle piece to help us bring our child home?Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 1.24.34 PM

If you’d like to participate here’s what to do;

STEP 1: Decide how many puzzle pieces you’d like to “sponsor” at $20 each

STEP 2: Donate the cash value of your puzzle piece(s) by;

  •  clicking here or the button below linking directly to paypal. 
    Buy Now Button
  • Sending a check? Email us at aubrienichole@gmail.com to request mailing address
  • TAX DEDUCTIBLE OPTIONS: Call (253)-383-1928 and make your donation via credit card directly to the agency, letting them know it is for the “Fletcher adoption.” OR mail check to Faith International Adoptions- 1105 Tacoma Avenue South, Tacoma, WA 98402, including “Fletcher adoption” in the memo. **If you do this, please let us know so we can put your name on the appropriate puzzle piece(s)

STEP 3: Picture Ben, Aubrie, and our little Guinnean child (to be) doing a happy dance because of your awesomeness and generosity.

Lastly, Many of you probably are curious about the actual costs, or why it costs so much, so we’re including a breakdown of our adoption costs to provide some clarification and to be completely transparent.

$6,700 – Pre-Adoption fees (including Homestudy & USCIS)
$8,350 – Adoption Agency fees (work done on the US side of adoption)
$9,800 – Foreign Fees (work being done in Guinea, including lawyer fees, court fees, government fees, etc.)
$5,000 – Travel Expenses (round trip flights for two people, one way flight for our future child, visas, lodging, etc.)
$6,150 – More In-Country fees (child’s passport and documentation, orphanage costs, etc.)
$1,300 – Post Adoption (processing fee, orphanage support fees)

Total adoption cost: $37,300

There are a lot of unknowns, and we know that this process will be far from perfect. But we are fully invested and determined. For one child, their life will be changed forever, and we are honored and humbled to get the opportunity to experience all of the ups and downs that are part of this journey.

schnicks 29.jpg

8 thoughts on “Our Greatest Adventure Yet

  1. I love you both for doing this and opening up your big hearts and giving a child a life full of opportunity. The world needs more people like you. I wish your journey the most luck, love, and blessings! Can’t wait to meet the new addition to our RAM’ily! 💚💛💚🐑


  2. My heart truly just melted. This precious child will be so blessed to have you two as parents!! What an inspiring story, and decision. We are behind you guys, and will be here if you need anything at all! I would love to host an event for you this year to raise more funds. Xo

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Mindy!! We are so thankful for your friendship!! And yes, you are the event hostess with the mostess- we would love to talk to you about an event at Edge. Let’s chat soon. 🙂 Thank you for all your support!!


  3. Yeah! We know this long journey and will be praying for you. It’s long, hard, and stressful, but it’s such a representation of God and us. Let us know how we can support you. Please, feel free to ask us anything. And don’t worry about the money. It’s amazing how God works it out. We have that testimony.

    Liked by 1 person

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