With all of your help, we have hit 10% of our puzzle goal! Thank you to everyone who has adopted a piece (or pieces) of our puzzle! If you haven’t had a chance to be a part of it yet, click here for the info on how you can be a part of helping us bring our little one home from Guinea, Africa.

Our adoption story has just begun, but at this time, it is somewhat like a story of being on a road trip, using a map with all of the directions already clearly drawn out for you, getting lost anyway, and discovering a man on the side of the road who points you in a new, more adventurous direction. With a leap of faith, you opt for a journey of the unknown.

Ben and I have both witnessed the orphan crisis firsthand at different times in our lives, in different places. Once you see with your own eyes, it doesn’t escape you. We always thought we may adopt a child someday, but thought it would be after we had our own biological children. Over the last few years, when “trying” to grow our family didn’t result in conceiving, we had some decisions to make. It was at this time that the Lord began placing people in our lives that would openly share their adoption stories and experiences with me without invitation.

At a turning point in our story, (the day after getting news that we weren’t pregnant after a long medical process and procedure) I had to fly down to Phoenix for a work event. It was in Phoenix where I met up with a friend who I had gotten to know through work. That evening, as we prepared for the event the next day, she began to tell me the story of adopting her son from Uganda. Given the news Ben and I had just received, I began to ask her more questions than I typically would have, including who she used as her adoption agency. She shared that she worked with a woman named Emily, who worked out of a small agency in California, and that she was the reason they used the agency they did. She then explained that Emily was no longer working at the agency in California, but was now at a small agency in Minnesota. At that point, I thought it was a little strange, because the only other person I’ve ever talked with about their adoption process is a friend of mine that lives in Fort Collins, and worked with a woman named Emily at an agency in Minnesota. I remembered the name of the agency, so I proceeded to ask this friend of mine if the agency that the “Emily” she worked at was the one I knew of in Minnesota, and with a puzzled look on her face, said “yes, that is the one.” So, this friend of mine in Phoenix had used Emily as her adoption coordinator while she was in California, and my friend in Fort Collins had used this same coordinator after she had transitioned to a small agency in Minnesota. What are the odds? I knew this was not just a coincidence, but the first sign of Gods gentle guidance in the direction of adoption. It was then that I knew our next step for us was to call this “Emily” that they worked with and spoke so highly of. No commitment. Just a phone call. As this was just the first of many clear next steps He has given us in this journey.

So we called Emily. Through our conversations with her, and discussions with the executive director about the need in Guinea, Africa, we just knew this is what the Lord had been guiding us to at this time. It seems that at any point we run into road bumps or have questions at any step along the way, He provides someone or something in our lives that help us press on.

The Lord knows what we need. That’s why He’s used others in our lives, and His gentle prompting countless times to be that “man we run into on the side of the road,” who offers us a detour in our adventure. It might be more bumpy, risky, scary, challenging, and is certainly unknown, but we know that as we follow the route God has for us to bring this child home, there will be times of immense joy, valleys of beauty, and more adventure than we have ever experienced.

We are reminding ourselves daily of a quote from Justin McRoberts (worship artist);“May love be stronger in me than the fear of the pain that comes with caring,” and Hebrews 11:8: “By faith, Abraham, when called to go to a place he would later receive as his inheritance, obeyed and went, even though he did not know where he was going.”

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