the process

b36bfb2ad561a6974c5a6314ab32248bMany of our friends and family have questions about what the process is like to adopt from Guinea. It is quite complicated, so I’m going to do my best to give a broad overview. This post will be pretty dry, but for those of you that were curious, here you go! This is about a year-ish long process, and you can see what we’ve already done and have yet to do (anything listed with the ✓ are steps we have already completed);

  1. Apply for adoption with placement agency ✓
  2. Schedule a home study with a local, Colorado-based agency ✓
  3. Submit acceptance documents to placement agency ✓
  4. File for I-800A with USCIS (adoption petition within the US for immigration purposes) ✓
  5. Complete home study (5 interviews with social worker and a home review)✓
  6. Complete all Dossier documents (about 25 different legal documents compiled into a portfolio, all notarized, including a series of medical, psychological exams, and criminal history, etc.)- In progress
  7. Dossier sent off and translated into French
  8. Orphanage reviews documents and sends an official referral for a specific child to us
  9. Once the official match has been made, formal immigration documentation must be approved
  10. A date is set for us to travel to Guinea to appear in court for a completion certificate issues
  11. Travel to Senegal with our child for the visa medical exam and exit interview at the US Embassy
  12. Once in US, file for citizenship
  13. All of our lives changed forever!

We are anxious to get through paperwork and be matched with our child. We pray for this little one every day, and already have so much love for this child we don’t even know yet. Thank you all for your continued prayers and support!

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