and then there were two.

It has been a while since our last update for several reasons, but mostly because I am having a hard time even articulating what is taking place in our lives. Many of you have probably seen updates or photos on social media, sharing the news that we are pregnant. Since the adoption process started, we worked hard to get our paperwork done as quickly as possible, and while we were very consumed in the process, we found out we’re pregnant, just shortly after we turned all of our paperwork over to the agency. I am now 22 weeks, and we just found out that we are expecting a baby boy on Christmas day! After 4 years of trying with no success, accepting that we couldn’t have children biologically, we are still in awe of this incredible surprise miracle.


Since we announced our pregnancy, we’ve had lots of questions about whether or not we would continue to pursue our adoption. This question always comes as a bit of a surprise for us. There is no question in our minds that our adopted child is supposed to be part of our family just as much as our biological child is.

Adoption was never seen as an alternative to having biological children, or as a solution to our infertility struggle. God used our story of infertility to soften our hearts, and open us up to adoption. As we prayed about adoption, it became clear that a specific child in Guinea was supposed to join our family. Our decision to adopt is not conditional. When we found out we were pregnant, there wasn’t even a second that we thought about changing our adoption plans. The fact that we are now also expecting a biological child in December gives us even further confirmation that God’s plans for us are more than we can even ask or imagine. You see, both of these children were clearly meant to be part of our family. They are both miracles, and will get to share life together as siblings.

To say that we aren’t overwhelmed would be a lie. We know it is going to be challenging navigating all of it. But we are confident that this situation is exactly what God has planned for our lives, and we are choosing to trust the path that we are on, and have seen God’s hand in the details. His faithfulness never ends and His grace and strength are sufficient for our needs.

Some of you have been asking where we are in the adoption process now. Our dossier has now officially been translated and is in Guinea! At this point, we are just waiting to be matched. We will be sure to share updates as we have them! I will be posting here on the blog more regularly now that the word is out, and our agency is up to speed on our family situation.

We are amazed and thankful for all of the love, support, and encouragement that so many of you have given us. Thank you for being a part of our story.


One thought on “and then there were two.

  1. “Adoption was never seen as an alternative to having biological children, or as a solution to our infertility struggle”

    thank you for saying this. as an adoptee, i really appreciate this comment.


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