it’s a boy (times 2)

IMG_9394.jpgIt’s the morning after our adoption fundraiser, hosted by our amazing friend, Sarah Rice, at Loveland Aleworks. (Thank you Loveland Aleworks for hosting us!) Let’s take a minute to recognize how incredible Sarah is. Out of the goodness of her heart, she planned this event for us, and poured her love into every detail. Thank you, Sarah! Also a huge shout out to our friend, Megan Larson, who also helped to organize the event, and created the most awesome guest book map as a gift for our family. Collectively, $2,800 was raised last night to go towards our adoption costs!! This would not have been possible without the help of so many local businesses and individuals who donated items for our silent auction, and all of our friends and family who made it out to the event last night. We are so honored.

Last night was a special moment for us, for so many reasons. Being around those we love, as we had the opportunity to share the announcement about the child that will be joining our family. I am so happy, humbled, honored, and excited to announce that we will be adopting a boy from Guinea who is 2.5 years old. Yes, that means that we will be having 2 boys! One due in December, and one that we will be traveling to Guinea to bring home sometime next year. All the paperwork has been signed, and now we wait on the Central Authority in Guinea to issue more required documentation. Our hearts are overflowing.

Many of you asked about where we are at in our fundraising process last night. Before the event, we had invested over $10,000 personally into the process, and over the last several months, we’ve raised $13,805 in donations and grants. This put us at about $12,695 left. After the event last night, (raising $2,800!) we are now at $9,895 remaining in our adoption costs. This number seems large, but we are without a doubt that our son is meant to be part of our family. We are committed to careful saving, and creative ways to raise the remainder of this total to bring our son home. If you were not able to make it out to the event last night, but still wanted to contribute, click here to learn more about how you can donate. We do still have puzzle pieces left to sponsor, or you can make a general donation.

We can’t thank those of you who have been supporting us in this journey enough. Last night, I was thinking about how excited I’ll be to share these stories with our kids, about how much they are loved, that so many people would help to bring our son home from Guinea, so that we could be a complete family, all together. Our sons having the opportunity to grow up here in our home as brothers is going to be a miracle that each one of you has been a part of. We are truly humbled. Thank you.

Check out some photos from the event last night in the slideshow below!

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