Seasons and Assignments

It’s my 31st birthday today. Birthdays are often a moment to reflect on the last year of your life, and a moment looking ahead to the next. This birthday in particular, feels like it’s going to be the biggest year of change that I’ve ever experienced. I’m sitting here with a sleeping 2 month old boy on my chest, while reflecting on the miracle that he is. Over the last year, I got to experience growing this little guy in my belly, all of the wonder that comes with growing a human, and waiting in expectation. He decided to show up 3 weeks early, and the last 2.5 months have been a blur of both the most amazing experience, and the most challenging that we have ever experienced. I’m sure most new parents can relate to that! The day we came home from the hospital, this new identity of “mom” sure felt pretty foreign, and like a big role to fill. Within an hour of coming home with our little babe, I was also notified that my department at work was being eliminated. Wow. Not only was I now “mom,” I no longer had the career to return to that I had worked so hard for. I am still learning what my new normal is, and taking one day at a time to discover what life holds for me outside of my new mama life. The reality is that in just a short few months, we will also be bringing home our son from Guinea. This new mom role is going to completely change once there are 2 little ones to care for around here.

I think as humans, we can get consumed with thoughts about what our “calling” or “purpose” is in life. Recently, I have found myself thinking about this a lot lately with so many changes taking place. Pursuing our “calling” in life can be so rewarding, but what gets confusing is when you can’t figure out what that is. I can’t remember where I first heard this, but someone once told me not to think of your life as having one “purpose” or having one “calling,” but to view life in “assignments.” That with each new season and change in life, we have specific “assignments” for that time. I don’t know what my professional life holds for me in the near future, but I do know that at this season in life, I am focusing on my assignment as “mom.” I am settling into that idea, that over the next few months, life is about to change significantly AGAIN, as we bring a 3 year old home. I am lucky that I get the chance to take on such an important role, mothering our 2 boys.

We can’t wait to bring our oldest son home. The day he joins our family forever. We are currently waiting on a letter from the embassy, and then the court process can commence, which typically takes 2-3 months. We’re getting close! At this point, we are still about $6000 away from being able to make this possible. On my birthday today, my hope is to complete our son’s adoption puzzle. Every bit helps bring us closer! We still have 38 puzzle pieces up for grabs for $20 each to complete the puzzle we will give to our son to show him how many people loved him even before we all knew him! Would you consider sponsoring a puzzle piece in honor of my birthday? Click here to sponsor a puzzle piece, or for more information.

Life sure is different these days. The house is messier, I may not have showered today, the bank account balance might be lower, time to myself, with friends, or alone with Ben might be far and few between, but the snuggles are constant, the smiles are the brightest, and my heart is full. Happy Birthday to me, the new mom who is learning what 31 looks like on her.

Photo of our sweet little boy:


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