surrender. and honey.

Great faith doesn't come out of great effort, but out of great surrender.

Yes, we are still waiting. It’s hard to find the words to describe the feeling when you thought you would have your son home in April or May, and it is now October, snowing outside, and he’s still not here. I’m sitting here staring at the screen without quite the right words to say. The only word that comes to mind is Jesus. There have been big mountains to climb, and barriers to cross since our agency lost their accreditation. New relationships with the embassy had to be established, new processes, investigations, relationships in Guinea re-built, accreditation established, approval documents being revoked and then re-issued, and the list goes on. It’s honestly been a tornado of confusion and unknowns. But just when we are about to lose hope… Jesus. All I know is that I have never seen the hand of God so clearly as I have in the last few months, with each new day new, and one step forward at a time. It is the small steps that have been made over the last few months that remind me that the fight to bring him home is not over. Lord willing, we will bring him home. It has been a heart process of surrender. Over and over again. Surrender. In the depths of my heart, I know that God cares for this little boy even more than I do. I know that his sovereign plan for him is perfect. Surrender.

In other news, the costs for our adoption are now even higher because of documents needing to be re-translated, agency transfer fees, and new investigation reports. It seems that there is always something else needing to be done that costs money in order to move forward. But, we are all in, and there’s no turning back. We are determined to bring him home. AND… we have HONEY! We just harvested the honey from our hives. So, just like we did last year, we will be taking donations for our honey that will go towards our adoption costs. (We suggest $10 per 8oz jar, but you can decide however much you’d like to give). If you are looking for the best honey you will ever eat, look no further. I’m serious. It’s delicious. And makes a great Christmas gift! If you would like to reserve a jar(s), please let me know (and how many) ASAP, as it will be first come first serve until we run out.

I know this update is short, with not a lot of answers. I will continue to share updates as we have them. Keep our little guy in your prayers. Thanks for all of your support. Your love and prayers are felt.

Ben, Aubrie, and Bellamy


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