For Christmas this year, my family decided that we wanted to give the kids at our son’s orphanage a Christmas celebration, and provide them with some needed supplies, a good meal, and some goodies for the kids. Our agency’s on the ground representative in Guinea was able to facilitate this, and she took photos and videos for us of the celebration. We were able to watch our son play, dance, eat, and even thank us personally on a little video, saying “merci maman et papa!” My heart bursted. Until now, we weren’t quite sure if he had even been told much about us. It appears that not only does he know about us, but he knows that we are his mom and dad. Words could not describe the flood of mixed emotions as we watched these videos.

The same day that we received the videos of their celebration, we also learned that we finally have movement on our case! Our file has been released from the Ministry, and is now in the court system to be processed and finalized! We have been waiting what feels like forever for this to happen, so to receive this news within the first couple of days this year, we are feeling so grateful. We have been asked by many of our friends and family what this means in terms of timing for when we will be able to travel and bring him home. Unfortunately, our adoption case has not followed suit in regards to the “typical” process or timing, so we are afraid to have expectations around this. However, the typical timeframe for court is about 3-4 months to process through. Once that is done, we can apply for his visa documents which takes about a month. We are praying that we will be able to bring him home by mid-year this year. While that still feels like such a long time to wait, we are thankful for progress. Prayers for a quick and smooth process from this point forward would be appreciated. We are eager to bring our little man home. Thanks for all of your love and support. We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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