We want to give our friends and family an opportunity to play a part in changing the life of a little one in Guinea, Africa, if this is something you’d like to support.

We have ordered a custom puzzle of a map of the city of Fort Collins that has 500 pieces. You can “sponsor” a puzzle piece by making a donation of $20 towards our adoption costs. As each person sponsors a puzzle piece, your name will be written on the back of that piece. We will be putting this puzzle together in a clear double sided frame to hang in the childs room, to show how many people love them and were willing to help bring them to their new home in Fort Collins, Colorado.

If you’d like to participate here’s what to do;

STEP 1: Decide how many puzzle pieces you’d like to “sponsor” at $20 each

STEP 2: Donate the cash value of your puzzle piece(s) by;

  •  clicking here or the button below linking directly to paypal. 
    Buy Now Button
  • Sending a check? Email us at to request mailing address
  • TAX DEDUCTIBLE OPTIONS: Call (253)-383-1928 and make your donation via credit card directly to the agency, letting them know it is for the “Fletcher adoption.” OR mail check to Faith International Adoptions- 1105 Tacoma Avenue South, Tacoma, WA 98402, including “Fletcher adoption” in the memo. **If you do this, please let us know so we can put your name on the appropriate puzzle piece(s)

STEP 3: Picture Ben, Aubrie, and our little Guinnean child (to be) doing a happy dance because of your awesomeness and generosity.

***Many of you probably are curious about the actual costs, or why it costs so much, so we’re including a breakdown of our adoption costs to provide some clarification and to be completely transparent. We have already invested over $9,000 of our personal funds into this process.

$6,700 – Pre-Adoption fees (including Homestudy & USCIS)
$8,350 – Adoption Agency fees (work done on the US side of adoption)
$9,800 – Foreign Fees (work being done in Guinea, including lawyer fees, court fees, government fees, etc.)
$5,000 – Travel Expenses (round trip flights for two people, one way flight for our future child, visas, lodging, etc.)
$6,150 – More In-Country fees (child’s passport and documentation, orphanage costs, etc.)
$1,300 – Post Adoption (processing fee, orphanage support fees)

Total adoption cost: $37,300